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Book chapters

  • ‘Overview of One Hundred Years of Editors of Neophilologus’, in Tracing Paradigms: One Hundred Years of Neophilologus, ed. Rolf H. Bremmer Jr, Thijs Porck, Frans Ruiter and Usha Wilbers (2016, Springer), 29-31.

An overview of all the editors that have served Neophilologus over the period 1916-2016. Also includes a collage of photos of the founding editors Prof. Dr J. J. A. A. Frantzen, Prof. Dr K. R. Gallas, Prof. Dr J. J. Salverda de Grave, Prof. Dr J. H. Scholte, Prof. Dr K. Sneyders de Vogel and Prof. Dr A. E. H. Swaen, as well as a photo of the current editorial board.

  • ‘The Bones in the Soup: The Anglo-Saxon Flavour of Tolkien’s The Hobbit’, in Lembas Extra: 2012 Edition, ed. C. van Zon (2012, Beekbergen: Tolkien Genootschap Unquendor), 65–74. Available on Academia.edu

In this chapter, I discuss the use of Anglo-Saxon literature and culture in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

  • ‘De Brederodekroniek voor Yolande van Lalaing’, in Yolande de Lalaing (1422-1497), kasteelvrouwe van Brederode, ed. E. den Hartog en H. Wijsman (2009, Haarlem: Kastelenstichting Holland en Zeeland), 36–66. Available on Academia.edu and huisbrederode.nl

In this chapter, I introduce the Brederode Chronicle by Johannes a Leydis (Jan van Leiden). After a discussion of the surviving manuscripts, I provide a new date of composition for the Dutch and Latin versions of this chronicle and reflect on its original purpose..